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There's nothing better than sitting down with a fresh plate of authentic Cajun & Creole inspired food.

Every item on our food truck menu  includes a wide range of flavors & dishes to satisfy every taste-Cajun-Creole food with a kick of soul. 

Transform your party into a can't-miss event. With a festive, on-trend food truck bringing the best bites to your front door, partygoers will come for the food and stay for the company.

Bring our truck to your next Employee  or Client Appreciation Day, or simply to reward your staff with a Gourmet taste of Louisiana with our WORKPLACE FOOD TRUCK CATERING!

Save the Stress- Contact Us Today!

Sit back, enjoy the festivities, watch your guests dive into a delicious meal and then watch the mess drive away. We simplify the steps of booking the best Cajun & Creole food truck so your party catering is covered.


Being the host with the most has never been easier.

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